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Here I have put together a list of ice-creams and their sins to help you out this summer.


Mini Cornetto- 3 sins

Wonka SuperSour Tastic- 4 sins

Milkyway Icecream Bar- 5.5 sins

Smarties Icecream cone- 7 sins

Cadburys icecream minirolls- 5 sins

Munch Bunch lollies- 2 sins

Cadbury Crunchie Ice cream Bar- 6.5 sins

Tesco Real Chocolate Mini choc lollies- 5 sins

Iceland So-Lo Choc and Vanilla Iced dessert Lolly- 3 sins

Tesco Real Milk choc cones- 7.5 sins

Magnum Moments (Wall's)- 1.5 sins



Solero Exotic/Summer- 6.5 sins

Starburst Fruitice- Tropical- 4.5 sins

Starburst Fruitice- Strawberry- 5 sins

Bassett's Refreshers- fruit- 2.5 sins

Treats sherbet Shock ice lolly- 3 sins

Rowntree's fruit pastille ice lolly- 3 sins

Tesco No Added Sugar fruit lollies- 1.5 sins

Tesco Healthy Eating Mini Fruit lollies- 2 sins

Asda Rocket fruit lollies- 1.5 sins

Ribena Ice- Tropical/Blackcurrant- 3.5 sins


And If you feel like having a go at your own here's one I made earlier!


Chicken Tikka



1 Tub very low fat natural fromage frais

2 Toffee mullerlight

21.5g bag maltesers (5 sins)



Stir together the mullerlight and the fromage frais.

Crush the maltesers.

Stir them into the yoghurt mixture and freeze.

Stir the mixture every 15 minutes or so until solid.


Sounds nice, mmmmm, yum. Only 5 sins for all that wow!