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About Me
About Me
Food Optimising



Hi my name is Cherie and I am from Cardiff.

I was amazed how easy the plan is. Being able to eat basically what you want.

I highly recommend Msn communities slimming world, the link is on my home page, I came across it by accident and I am so glad I did!!

My favorite recipe is sin free roast potatoes and Banoffee Cheesecake checkout the recipes section!


Me and my one year old son, Marcus, 19/11/02.

Me and Marcus again 01/09/02

After losing 3 stone 12lbs.

This Year's Photo taken in March

5 stone lost yey!

Below is a line chart showing my weight loss/gain since I started Slimming World. Up until 21/05/2002. it gives you an idea of how up and down my weight loss can be.




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